I’m a geek. There’s no doubt about it.

I’ve been staring at computer screens my whole life. I stare at a screen for my whole day at work, I get home and in-between spending time with my wife watching Castle, So you think you can dance, and ridiculous BBC Lifestyle programs, I stare at a screen a little more.

I’m currently 25, slightly norwegian and very much an introvert and an avid gamer. I do have a few real life friends but it takes a fair bit to get me out of the house and away from my PC.

I’m a part owner of an awesome Dev company located in Durban, South Africa where we make web and mobile applications and we make them damn well! (Check Clyral out). As one of the technical leads I pride myself in my ability to rapidly prototype new technologies, concepts, languages etc and my problem solving skills aren’t too shabby either.

This blog will focus primarily on my investigations into tech as I attempt to keep my company and our products on the bleeding edge.